If Your Write Them, I will Buy!
Stone Mountain, GA  United States
I am mainly here on ifreelance in search of QUALITY writing professionals who create heart and soul for their characters and writings.  I seek writers who can take a pen and paper and create a character (or story) that is SO real that it creates real feelings inside of the reader.

The same is true for the article and blog writing professionals I hire. I want them to be good at what they do... and KNOW they're good at it!
Most of the stories that I purchase will be Ghostwritten stories.  Meaning the writer gets no credit for the work. Once written and paid for, the writer agrees to transfer all rights, copyrights, universal rights to me. Basically, you write the stories for me!

Also, most of the ghostwritten creative stories purchased will be on the theme of racial harmony/mixed race love. So if you as a human have social issues which prevent you from writing objectively on this subject, then please do not bid.

---I purchase suspense stories that are very suspenseful, but not graphically violent.
---I purchase inspirational stories, with a true heartwarming theme.
---I also hire writers to write non-fiction/technical articles.

I am looking to build lasting relationships with writing professionals. I work professionally with all writers hired. So far, I have been defrauded by two writers on ifreelance.com. I do not care to have it happen again. So if it crosses your mind to defraud this buyer... Don't try.

I offer steady work for the person who is best suited for my long term projects. Please take a look at my feedback. I am readily available via email, Yahoo! IM, and phone if need be.

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