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Manalapan, New Jersey  United States
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I am capable of writing stories, articles, poetry, books and any other forms of writings. I can write on any subject or topic.


I am an H.O.P.E. Mentor, for the Epilepsy Foundation. I have spoken at different events for schools, organizations, political events, I spoke in front of Congress in Washington and anywhere my help is needed to educate people about epilepsy. I was on four talk shows. The interviews focused on the importance of understanding what epilepsy is, how to help someone having a seizure and giving people with epilepsy encouragement and hope for the future.

I have been on radio stations discussing epilepsy and I have appeared in many newspapers all over New Jersey such as, The Leader, Belleville Post and the Star Ledger. In addition, on June 26, 2002, I was honored an award by the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey for Outstanding Volunteer Award.

I have received awards in my achievements and certificates in recognition for outstanding efforts in trying to improve society. I have been an active participant in organizations and activities. I have been a role model to many individuals.

I have written many published articles. I have appeared three times on News 12 on the talk show New Jersey Women and has had articles written about her efforts to help people with epilepsy. I have contributed time in helping people with epilepsy and making society more aware of the disorder. .


1. Epilepsy You're Not Alone
2. Eternal Love: Romantic Poetry Straight from the Heart
3. My Mommy Has Epilepsy (Children's Book)
4. Keep the Faith: To Live and Be Heard from the Heavens Above (poetry book)
5. Live, Learn, and Be Happy with Epilepsy
6. Epilepsy and Pregnancy: What Every Women Should Know
Co-authored by Dr. Blanca Vasques.

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From The Critics
Lad - Star Ledger Newspaper
Chillemi is the author of epilepsy you're not alone, an inspirational book written for people living with epilepsy. inspired by her own battles with epilepsy, Chillemi wrote a book to give those coping with the disorder greater self esteem, hope and motivation to continue living normal life’s.

Della Cruz Anchor/Reporter, Talk Show Host for News 12,
Editorial Reviews
'Life deals us many hard blows that we often don't expect. I admire the fact that someone like Stacey Chillemi was thrown a curve ball that may have knocked many of us down to the point where many of us may not have wanted to get back up, but she did. It wasn't easy but she possesses a determined spirit that won't let her give up. For that reason Stacey will go far and achieve whatever dreams she sets her mind to accomplish.'Della Crew

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