Kuneo Koei [of America]

(Broadcasting & Distribution)
Saint Charles, MO  United States
11 - 20
Kuneo Koei is a broadcasting & distribution entity of entertainment-arts. A German-Eurasian-American collaborative venture, Kuneo Koei aims above practical & typical presentations, focusing all attentions to innovative & empowering productions across the globe.

Founded on the principles of enacting & reacting, on behalf of writer’s, performer’s, & producer’s whose works, titles, & ideas soar above standards, Kuneo Koei helps to usher in brands with integrity to be reckoned with.

Kuneo Koei is vested only, in the acceleration of reforming the currently unfiltered & saturated entertainment-market economies. Kuneo Koei is uninterested in anything which may degenerate or devalue perceptions & understandings concerning the discovery of quality-arts (amidst the satiation).

Kuneo Koei is not an establishment which prides itself on treating other’s dishonorably or wickedly. In entertainment-economies, such as those that now exist, we believe these are the mentalities and virtues that a company, aspiring to pioneer greatness to a broad audience, must have.

We stick to our mission (but we’re still open-minded human-beings). We can’t lie to you about what we want nor', lie to you about what you want.

Kuneo Koei is a machine at the end of the day. A machine that might someday, replace the current machines with a dignified, honorable approach to reinstating superstars amongst the crowding corners.

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