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Calgary, Alberta (AB)  Canada
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Marketing Marksman is the most successful iFreelance marketing provider with the most completed projects, the most reviews, and the most hits to our Profile Page.  Our track record of success and satisfied customers is nearly 100%.  Since 1991, we have helped clients worldwide transform their marketing from a pointless expense into a profitable investment by emphasizing ‘the persuasive power of precision.’

All around the world from Calgary, Canada to Chelyabinsk, Russia, across Europe from England to the Czech Republic, in the United States, Asia, and Australia: for over 15 years Marketing Marksman has created powerful marketing that stands out, seizes interest and stimulates sales.


I am a trained and certified, full-time, professional marketing specialist with a vast portfolio of advertising accomplishments.  I have a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm) degree from one of Canada’s Top Universities, over a decade of experience, including the successful launch and re-launch of many businesses and products in many industries and countries.

Marketing Marksman is a full-time, full-service ad agency.  My talented team and I are fully qualified to help you with marketing research & strategy, product positioning, graphics, advertising, web design, SEO & SEM, or any other marketing service you may need now or in the future as your business prospers.


In stark contrast, most ‘so called’ marketing experts you will find bumming around the web have no formal training, no real world experience, and do it as a part-time hobby from their basement to earn extra money.  No qualified experts can possibly work for $10/hour no matter what they say.  Marketing is too vital to the survival and success of your business to be trusted to an eager, economical, amateur, fly-by-night freelancer.  Just read what happened to Five Star Publications Inc. and see for yourself http://www.ifreelance.com/provider/reviews.aspx?providerid=26137


The best way to assess our track record is to browse our iFreelance portfolio.  It provides clear, concrete examples of what we have accomplished in the past and what we can accomplish for you in the future.  If you want even more proof of our expertise and achievements visit our large 70-page website.  There you can peruse our online Marketing Portfolio with over a hundred images, read our Client Testimonials, or listen to our free online Audio Marketing Seminar.


I offer a free, no pressure, no obligation Marketing Consultation when we can discuss one-on-one how I can help you achieve your marketing goals.  Don’t delay, contact me right now to schedule your free consultation.  I look forward to helping your business become a phenomenal success, Andrew.

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