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Melbourne, Victoria  Australia
11 - 20
I am a musician, director, CGI artist, producer (of both film and music), and acrobat. I am currently producing 11 music videos with one of the men  responsible for the best shots in Lord of the rings, Matrix, and King Kong (Gerald Thompson). On the music side I play guitar, base, drums, and sing as good or better than anyone you can find in mainstream rock today and my visual abilities (in all areas of CGI) are world-class (with advanced knowledge of every package worth knowing). I own a company that currently consists of 19 people (including Gerald and his partner) that is geared towards the creation of the music videos (the first of which is the largest anyone has ever created). The music videos themselves are being used to promote my international launch (into entertainment) which has been in preparation for 11 years (you don't know who I am because i have deliberately not publicly released any work).  The launch as planned is the single largest artist launch in history (live international concert broadcast to up to 250 million people) and I am on this site to find the people i need to complete the work i am required to do before the launch (July 2010). Proof about my claims will be provided to any serious applicants.

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