Keeping pets and owners together.
Columbus, OH  United States
2 - 5
Ohio Pro life Animal Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide temporary short or long -term shelter to primarily dogs in need of a home due to a crisis their owners are experiencing.

Remember Hurricane Katrina? Many of us in the organization were disturbed by the images of all the pets that were not allowed to get on the buses with their families. We vowed that one day we would have a shelter for dogs whose families can't care for them at the present time but who want to be reunited with their best friend when all is well again. We especially want to help those who have lost their homes due to foreclosure during this economic crisis.

We do not support the euthanasia of displaced animals and all are welcome to stay as long as necessary. Our goal is to reunite the dog and owner or find a permanent home if reunification is impossible.

Our services include:

Shelter and food on a farm with plenty of room for exercise
Free veterinary care including spay/neuter
An adoption program for those needing permanent placement.

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