Edmonton, Alberta  Canada
Hi, I'm Robert Belland. I've owned and operated BOBAIR MEDIA for the past 10 years as a multimedia company. I'm basically a new media specialist. As a matter of fact my business card says "Multimedia Programming Specialist." When girls ask me what I mean I say "I'm a geek."

I've always really enjoyed helping my clients manifest their new media needs into a reality. It's been challenging and fun!

Over the past 5 years I've started to discover something far more important to me: I like helping people. I've also learned that if you want to really KNOW something you should teach it. As challenging as multimedia has been for me there's nothing that comes even close to understanding the puzzles that are WOMEN.

I’ve really struggled to learn, understand, calculate, manipulate, extrapolate, study, hypothesize and field-test all of the current technologies, psychologies, and back-yard theories around personal development, human interaction, human attraction, social dynamics, and seduction. The results of my efforts are compiled into my products.

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