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Sharps Chapel, Tennessee  United States
21 - 40
kamelyun and it's sister company kamelyunOnline are joint force partners in the development of advertising campaigns across the United States of America. kamelyun develops unique graphic arts campaigns (logo development, graphics development, website graphic development), standard marketing campaigns (newspaper, magazine, brochure marketing, and more...), standard publishing (newspaper, magazine, and book publishing), and new media publishing (website development, audio and visual product development for television and network, interactive marketing development).

kamelyun's sister company kamelyunOnline is a full source remote information technology department. kamelyunOnline assists it's clients in understanding, acquiring, and maintaining valuable information technology resources. kamelyunOnline also strives to help clients control information technology costs by providing remote diagnostics, remote support, remote server setups, and remote IT support.

kamelyun has uniquely positioned itself through ten years of freelance expertise. Our vast network of artists, technicians, and other professionals insure we are always on time, on budget, and above expectations.

Our customers are powered and empowered by kamelyunOne's array of inexpensive, professional solutions. And as our network of customers grow our need for qualified, cost effective, solutions providers grows right along with it...

Due to the amazing power of word of mouth, and our aggressive marketing techniques in the areas in the United States, where our offices are located we have an overflow of work. We are hoping to start open dialog with firms and / or individuals who provide web design , graphics arts, logo design, copy writing services, audio / video services, and proofreading.

We look forward to working with new vendors and clients alike...

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