Sonix IV Ultrasonics
North Charleston, SC  United States
21 - 40
Incorporated in 1972, Sonix IV Corporation is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of ultrasonic cleaning devices to the dental, medical, veterinary, and jewelry industries.  Sonix IV is at the forefront of ultrasonic technology with its products rated number one by independent test laboratories, and used as the benchmark for industry performance.

Sonix IV’s ultrasonic platform is the basis for several innovative cleaning products including its industry leading r-Type systems designed specifically for cleaning of dental surgical instruments.  These systems incorporate Sonix IV’s industry leading ultrasonic technology with innovative control technology allowing sterilization center operators to process surgical instruments with one touch operation.

Sonix IV’s industrial product line has uses in a variety of production capacities including biomedical and cosmetic industries.  Products range from standard configurations to custom application specific designs – from light industrial applications to continuous use production facilities.  These are workhorse products that might be used to degrease machined parts, de-flux complex circuit assemblies, or clean weapons for the military.  

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