Live The Leaf LLC

Business Card & Logo Design needed and possibly a new website
San Francisco, CA  United States
A new start up company in San Francisco, our focus is Organic and Natural product distribution in the Bay Area.

We need a logo, new business card design and a website.

Company name is Live The Leaf  and we need a very unique, catchy logo.


* Use your imagination and do not hesitate to ask any questions to get to know the company, the logo is the image of a company. Especially if we decide to use the logo in our Live The Leaf, LTL brand products for future, we offer bonus for the design.

The Business Card must have:

* Logo,
* Person's Name
* Title
* 2 address lines
* Company voice mail and Fax
* Email address of the person and web address

The paper we want to use is recycled, a natural feeling is must, health foods are our focus.  

We want to use the logo for our letterheads, labels, envelopes and etc.

Website (If you are bidding, do not include web design fee since it changes depending on what we need exactly)

* 5 - 6 pages,
* Ideally, we want to put our distribution network to our website and the stores that we do business with, a google map UI can be used as well. And also a very simple database is needed to add and remove stores.
* Also a login UI to make the datebase updates easy only accessible by the company employees and etc with a subdomain.
* Domain name and hosting services have already been purchased.  

send an email for more details and if you have any questions.

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