Database Design
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Consider the requirements for an airline.

i) Flight will have a flight number, origination airport code, destination airport code, scheduled flight time and aircraft type. There could be multiple flights with the same flight number but the flight numbers are unique for an airport.

ii) Aircraft will have an aircraft id number, type, passenger capacity for first, business and economy classes.

iii) Bookings are tracked for each flight. The total booked seats are tracked for first, business and economy classes.

iv) Every passenger will have a customer id, flights they have booked on and skymiles account number. Passengers could be booked on multiple flights at any time.

v) A passenger incidents (if any) are tracked for every flight. The type of incident and the passengers involved in the incident are tracked.

Design a normalized ER diagram for the above requirements. Identify the primary key and foreign keys. Resolve any multi valued attributes and many to many relationships. Document any assumptions that you make.

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